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Bill Smith's pottery, paintings, essays, poetry, and other stuff

This site is a way of encouraging me to practice and preserve my art and memories. Some viewers may only be interested in my pottery

I also like to write: I've written poetry, essays about poetry, and a long screed called "What I don't know." I hope to write some memories about my family. 

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I have created both handbuilt and thrown pots for over 20 years. I love the beach and the ocean, enjoy beachcombing, and I discovered that seashells and coral make beautiful designs in clay. I use glazes that "break" to highlight these designs. 

Note: Of course, I only gather dead coral that has washed up and will dissolve. I snorkel but try hard not to disturb live coral, which is now at risk in the Caribbean. 

My pottery is currently sold at the gallery in Austin Pottery in Austin, Texas. I work in their studio, and if you live in the area, I highly recommend their teachers and classes. That's where I learned the craft.

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